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Level measurement requires precision for everything from EPA reporting in municipalities to maximizing your business’ profitability. FLO-CORP has intentionally put together several lines of measurement devices that meet and exceed the needs of your process application. Starting with a full line of both guided-wave radar and ultrasonic level transmitters, FLO-CORP can ensure accurate level in both liquids and solids. And in level switching, we offer capacitance, vibration, and ultrasonic technology. In both continuous and point level detection, our equipment can measure even in complex process conditions where sticky substances are being measured. Let us help you select the appropriate device for your needs.


The Tracer series, of guided wave radar level transmitters, is a highly accurate product line.  This contacting solution for level can be installed in otherwise complicated applications.  The probe measures level, as opposed to a beam, allowing for an extremely small area of clearance around the probe.  This is handy for mounting the transmitter right next to a tank wall or inserting the probe through a small opening where the width of a beam could not accurately measure level.  And when it comes to response time, radar technology measures seventy times per second, so you know the level of your tank in real time.  Our sturdy and accurate radar level transmitters are a solid choice for a wide variety of liquids and solids applications. We configure and calibrate every transmitter specifically to the customer’s application before it ships from our factory for easy installation.
The Ranger series of ultrasonic level transmitters supplies both short and long range, non-contacting level measurement.  The quality and longevity of ultrasonic level transmitters on the market has become a problem in recent years.  FLO-CORP recognizes this problem and offers only well-built and highly accurate transmitters.  These sensors can be configured for level or distance in feet, meters, or a percentage of span.  Offered with relays, HART protocol, analog communication, 4-20mA output, and more, the speed and durability of these transmitters, cause them to stand out in the industrial market.