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Why do business with us?

We are a U.S. Manufacturer with over 30 years of combined experience in flow, level and monitor instrumentation. As a manufacturer, we have control over origin of product, quality, and lead times. Every product is calibrated free of charge prior to shipment for easy installation. We sell direct, allowing customers to receive the lowest cost possible. Call us today, where help can still be found without hearing an automated phone system, (877) 356-5463.


Industries Served

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas FLO-CORP’s Oil & Gas products directly relate to the ever growing industry standards, safety regulations and the need for rugged, reliable, and cost effective equipment for flow and tank level monitoring.
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Environmental, Water and Wastewater
Environmental Accurate measurement, control and reporting are critical in the water and wastewater industry. Water and wastewater applications are one of the largest markets FLO-CORP specializes in due to the wide range of products and technologies we offer.
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Defense Industry
Defense FLO-CORP’s private sector products and solutions directly relate to various military applications that demand rugged, reliable and cost effective measuring and monitoring solutions; flow and level instrumentation as well as various related electronic and communication systems.
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Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage FLO-CORP’s products can be used to schedule the reorder of new cooking oil, notify the manager to filter fryer oil, tank threat prevention, scheduling a pickup of used cooking oil, tank overflow protection and much more. Learn more…
Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Our monitoring systems were designed with one specific goal in mind: creating a low cost system with all the functions of a traditional system plus include premium features like Remote I/O and the highest degree of sensing technology.
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Various Government Agencies
Various Government Agencies Our government customers at the Federal, State and local levels rely on FLO-CORP to provide accurate and cost effective solutions for measurement, control and reporting. As a U.S. based manufacturer, we have control over origin of product, quality, and lead times.
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